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Platinum 5 Oxygen Concentrator

Platinum 5 Oxygen Concentrator


The Invacare Platinum 5 oxygen concentrator maintains the same reliable components you’ve always trusted in Invacare concentrators, but now has added features such as a top handle, filter access door, quiet operation, low flow alarm and diagnostics memory. The workhorse of the industry now includes the features that you have requested and more. The best keeps getting better.



Features and Benefits:

  • Top Handle for ease of mobility
  • Diagnostics memory
  • Humidifier adapter storage
  • Quiet operation – low vibration and noise
  • Easy servicing – better access
  • Service parts compatibility with existing LX concentrators
  • HomeFill II compatibility (HFIIC) – 3:1 cost savings when connected to HomeFill II
  • Lifetime 4-way valve – maintenance free
  • Alarms and safety systems – battery free power-loss alarm; Sieve-GARD® monitors sieve performance; SensO2 oxygen monitor; compressor 35 psi pressure-relief valve; low flow alarm
  • Pressure-based system – superior to timing-based systems
  • Self-diagnostics electronics – minimises troubleshooting time, no need to observe failure for error code
  • One-piece hood for durability – more durable than multiple-piece hoods
  • Simplified PM schedule
  • Superior life cycle costs – the most efficient concentrator on the market




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