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Softform Premier

Softform Premier MattressA highly contoured, deep mattress to give very high levels of pressure reduction to patients who are at Very High Risk of pressure damage. With sidewall support and non-flip (horizontal rotate only) facility, the mattress reduces the demand for manual handling and makes movement of the mattress easier when in use. Covered in a PU, vapour permeable, two-way stretch cover that is waterproof and has welded seams, the foam core is protected by a fully enclosed zip. The zip facilitates easy access into the mattress interior for audit inspections.
The pump will assess individual patients’ weights, and adjust levels of inflation accordingly. The air cells alternate on a ten minute cycle beneath the foam insert, delivering a very low impact at the point of change, thereby delivering high levels of comfort in addition to improved pressure reduction.


  • Two-way stretch PU (Poly Urethane) waterproof cover – Provides excellent recovery and durability. Helps to reduce shear and friction forces.
  • High frequency welded seams and zip – Reduces risk of fluid ingress.
  • Deep contoured insert pad for enhanced pressure area care – Maximise body contact area and optimises pressure reduction.
  • Double-coated PU sides -Reduces potential for physical damage.
  • Top cover is fully detachable – Aids inspection and allows easy removal for washing. Also facilitates a cost benefit of allowing the replacement of individual parts rather than the whole mattress.



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