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Softform Premier Glide

Softform Premier Glide MattressThe Invacare® Softform Premier Glide is an anti-decubitus mattress designed to provide exceptional pressure reduction and patient comfort, and uniquely conforms to the profile of an electric wardbed. When a bed is profiled, the patented design of this mattress allows the top surface to retain its optimum properties for effectively supporting the patient, while the base of the mattress separately conforms to the bed frame. This significantly reduces inappropriate and unwanted patient movement, thereby reducing the potential for tissue damage resulting from shear and friction forces, particularly on vulnerable areas.


  • Reduces potential for tissue damage – The Invacare® Softform Premier Glide patented Glide system allows the mattress to fully conform to the bedframe, optimising the properties of a profiling bed and significantly reducing the potential for tissue damage caused by shear and friction forces on the patient.
  • Two way stretch cover – The mattress cover is two-way stretch and conforms to the deep contoured castellations on the upper surface of the mattress, minimising “rucking” and further reducing the potential for tissue damage.
  • Pressure ulcer prevention – The Softform Premier Glide features a deep-contoured insert pad, which is designed to maximise the body contact area and optimise pressure reduction/anti-decubitus.
  • Optimises the benefits of an electronic profiling bed – The profiling mattress maximises the benefits of an electronic profiling bed, delivering improved patient positioning, while reducing the requirement for moving and handling by carers.



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