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Infinity Range

Infinity Range


The new and improved Infinity Cushions are constructed of three distinct layers that work together to provide optimal support, positioning, and pressure reduction to meet individual needs.Standard cushion includes adjustable Pelvic Support Layer and Ischial Relief Insert.




  • Postural Support Layer – Three available contours provide a stable base of support for the pelvis while allowing various degrees of front end positioning for the legs.
  • Pelvic Support Layer – High density viscoelastic foam provides contouring and support for the pelvis and trochanters to improve stability and postural positioning. Adjustable pelvic obliquity standard all cushions.
  • Ischial Relief Insert – Choice of ViscoFoam or FloGel inserts provide immersion of sensitive bony prominences to optimise pressure and reduce shear.
  • Bevelled Edge Design – Allows use with drop base
  • Leg Wedges – Removable and come as standard

Three depths available:

  • Infinity Low
  • Infinity Gentle
  • Infinity Max

Two types of inserts:

  • Flo Gel
  • Visco Foam



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