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3G Arrow Wheel Chair

3G Arrow Wheel ChairThe Invacare 3G Arrow rear-wheel drive power wheelchair with TrueTrack technology has the flexibility and function to accommodate a variety of drivers with diverse needs and take them where they need to go in style. The revolutionary TrueTrack system makes power chair control easier than ever, while exposed suspension, aluminium mag wheels and a wrap-around battery enclosure provide sporty, rugged good looks. Available with a variety of options, the 3G Arrow is everything you could ask for in a power chair – and so much more.


  • Adjustable Rehab Seat featuring width and depth adjustment in 2.5cm
  • Features TrueTrack technology, which accurately translates the driver’s commands and helps keep the power chair on a true forward path – even on slopes, thresholds and uneven terrain. TrueTrack minimises the need for veer correction.
  • Gearless Brushless motors provide accurate control of wheel speed ensuring exact and effortless of the drive command
  • MKIV A-level electronics are the foundation of the most advanced power chair driving system in the industry. MKIV provides a wealth of programming options to help virtually any user drive safely and confidently.
  • Standard Monroe Spring Shock system allows for up to 6.4cm of movement to absorb impact and provide maximum clinical comfort and function.



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