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TDX SP Wheelchair

TDX SPThe new Invacare TDX SP is the first model in the next generation of TDX (Total Driving eXperience) power wheelchairs. The TDX SP takes all the best features of the TDX series and improves upon them with enhanced performance, superior ride quality, quieter chassis, and an elegantly simple design. With built-in technologies such as a True Centre Wheel drive, Enhanced SureStep, Traction Control Design, Quiet Stability Lock, MK6i Electronics, and powerful 4-pole motors, the TDX SP is designed to meet the needs of rehab clients who demand performance and style.



  • Traction Control Design. Enhanced SureStep – the TDX™ SP uses an enhanced version of Invacare’s patented SureStep® technology. With Enhanced SureStep, the TDX SP climbs up to a 7.5cm (3”) obstacle going forward, similar to the current TDX. As a new design feature, the front casters of the TDX SP will also drop a 7.5cm (3”), which makes transitioning down an obstacle very gentle and nearly silent.
  • Faster. More Powerful. True Centre-Wheel Drive – The tightest possible turning radius comes from a True Centre- Wheel Drive chassis. The TDX™ SP uses this type of wheelbase to provide excellent manoeuvrability and an intuitive driving experience. This technology combined with Enhanced SureStep®, Traction Control Design and Quiet Stability Lock makes the TDX SP a great indoor and outdoor chair. By optimising the Torque speed curve, our motor/electronics combination provides a 9.7 kph top speed with ample torque. The chair gets consumers where they need to go quickly, while also providing the power required to handle those tough obstacles.
  • Quiet Stability Lock – The new Stability Lock replaces the metal gear set used on the first generation TDX with a gas-locking cylinder, making the feature whisper quiet. It also provides a shock-absorbing effect.
  • Elegant Simplicity. Inspiring Design -Our designers started with sketches and drove the design so that aesthetics were never sacrificed for functionality.The end result is an elegant design with a focus on simplicity and detail.
  • Seating Options. Versatility – The TDX™SP offers a wide variety of seating options that make it an extremely versatile powerchair.



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