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Etude Duo: One Bed – Multiple Solutions

Etude Classic Ultra-Low BedThis latest model has transformed the Etude Bed into a stylish piece of furniture without compromising on safety, stability and longevity. Not only do you benefit from Etude’s reputable, robust bed construction but you have the choice and flexibility of upgrades. This means you can have a standard version with modern metal trim or you can choose various options that will upgrade it to a stylish fully electric wooden bed.

  • Flexible Design & Durable Solutions – Invacare Etude Duo is the perfect modular solution foraged care facilities or the home. For greater functionality, you can transform the Etude Duo from a metal to a wooden bed using only the wooden kit. With the Etude Duo you get the best of both worlds; new design features such as softly rounded corners along with Etude Duo’s better known robust build and range compatible motor system.
  • Safety Beyond The Call Of Duty – The Etude Duo is synonymous with aged care/home bed safety, going well beyond the requirements laid down by the European Standard for Nursing Beds and TÜV. Electrical safety is maximised by additional cable hooks that ensure the safe placement of motor cables. The Etude Duo’s lab testing program operates with loads 4times the recommended safe working load capacity. True to the Invacare tradition, quality and durability are guaranteed.
  • Dual Heights Mean Easy Transfer – The standard, built-in, double-brackets are designed to suit individual needs for transfers in different positions. Mattress support in the upper bracket allows an entrance height of 40cm,and in the lower brackets an entrance height of 33cm.When fitted with wooden side rails, the lower brackets lock automatically. This ensures that the distance between the wooden side rail and mattress support will always be 100% safe.
  • Easy Handling & Storage – Easy assembly, portability and economical storage are intrinsic values of the Invacare Etude Bed range. Assembly couldn’t be simpler. Attaching the mattress support to the bed ends is quick and tool-free. The Etude Duo is also lightweight and portable requiring negligible effort. Once the bed ends are attached to the transport unit just let the castors take the strain. What is more, its economical storage space requirements make it perfect for the homecare environment.
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