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Etude Basic

Etude Basic BedInvacare® Etude constitutes a solid, thoroughly tested construction. Scandinavian designed the Etude satisfies the bed-users physical requirements without compromising on style. Etude allows the bed-user to mount the bed at an extra low height or receive care in the highest position. This is facilitated by the unique features of the bed ends, which enables the mattress support to be mounted at both upper and lower positions.

  • Dignity & independence – Invacare® Etude’s extensive lifting range makes getting in and out of bed easy again. Not only does this empower the bed-user in and around the bed, it also ensures optimal conditions for the provision of care. The synergy of the mattress support features, the extensive lifting range and other flexible accessories, such as the support handles, make day-to-day care significantly easier for everyone concerned.
  • Scandinavian design & style – Etude reflects a blend of minimalist design & good functionality. For the bed-user, it offers the practical convenience of a nursing bed with a Scandinavian design conducive to the modern domestic setting. Stylish & Inconspicuous, Etude soon becomes part of the furniture.
  • Easy handling & storage – Disassembly, portability and storage constitute intrinsic values of the Invacare® Etude Basic design. In one simple lifting action the mattress support comes away from the bed ends and can be separated manually by loosening two screws. Having attached the bed ends to the transport unit, the Etude becomes lightweight & portable, letting the castors take the strain.The ability to economise on storage space makes it a perfect choice for the use in Home Care facilities.
  • Approved strength & stability – Etude satisfies all the requirements lay down by the European Standards for its strength, safety and stability. External approval is complemented by stringent Invacare® demands for consistent high quality throughout. Internal testing, quality control and a continuous improvement philosophy ensure excellence in Etude’s visual and functional dimensions.
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