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Lynx L-3 3-Wheel Microportable Scooter

L-4 4-Wheel Microportable Scooter


The three-wheeled Lynx L-3 scooter takes portability to a new level. The L-3 model conveniently disassembles into four compact pieces for easy transport. Pick the destination, stow it in the trunk and go…the L-3 model will do the rest! With an estimated seven-mile range, a plug-in battery charger and flat-free tires, consumers can plan their schedule around what they want to do, not around the limitations of their scooter.



  • 4-Step, 5-Piece Quick Disassembly
  • Estimated 7 Mile Travel Capability
  • 0 – 5 MPH Speed Range
  • Indoor and Outdoor Travel Ready
  • Available in Blue or Red, 3 or 4-Wheeled


Download Brochure: Lynx Scooters



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