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Solara 2G

Solara 2G


The new Invacare Solara has once again redefined the tilt-in-space wheelchair in design and, of course, nothing is built like a Solara. The new Solara is simply the best tilt-in-space chair available with its incredible simplicity, ease of use, smart adjustability, and portability. Plus, you get all of these innovative new features along with the reliability and durability that you have come to trust from the Invacare Solara wheelchair.


  • Simply Better – Keep it simple. Too many nuts, bolts and moving parts on a wheelchair can take a great concept and make it too complex. Solara is a noticeable departure from other tilt-in-space designs. It’s clean, simple and refined in both design and finish.
  • Lightweight – The Solara is now the lightest weight adult tilt-in-space wheelchair in its class– a full 9kg lighter than the original Solara. Self-propellers have not only a flared front end for foot placement, but also have a tilt-in-space frame that approaches the weight of an ultralight weight wheelchair. Caregivers will find the Solara easier to manoeuvre and lift into a van or car than previous models.
  • Weight Shift Tilt-in-Space – The weight shift design of the Solara eliminates tilting the user around a fixed pivot point. As tilt is initiated, the pivot point on the Solara moves nearly constantly along the gear rack to help maintain the position of the user’s centre of gravity. By keeping the user’s centre-of-gravity relatively constant, the falling sensation associated with pivot point tilts is greatly reduced. Tilt range -5° to 50°.
  • Ease of Tilt – even when there is a small caregiver, customised seating system and larger user. When the caregiver pulls the tilt triggers on the Solara, the seat remains in place until the caregiver is ready to initiate the tilt.
  • Durability – Unlike aluminium gear racks, the Solara’s steel gear rack and teeth won’t wear prematurely. The design uses a steel gear rack and multiple, cable activated teeth for a secure hold in a tilted position. The welded aluminium side frames of the Solara provide a solid base designed to withstand the demands of the toughest tilt-in-space wheelchair user. And you can have confidence knowing that Invacare-designed wheelchairs pass rigorous performance testing and are backed by a lifetime warranty on frames and crossbraces.
  • Transport Ready Option (TRO*) is available as an option on the Solara. Invacare has crash-tested the Solara with its popular Personal Back™10 back cushion.**

*Invacare recommends that wheelchair users NOT be transported in vehicles of any kind while in wheelchairs. As of this date, the Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) has not approved any tie-down systems for transportation of a user while in a wheelchair in a moving vehicle of any type.
**The TRO Transport Ready Option pick on the Solara 2G order form includes transport brackets, a wheelchair-anchored pelvic belt and transport locking pins. The Personal Back™10 back cushion, Infinity® seat cushion and seat pan must also be purchased with this option at an additional charge. No seating system is included in the base price of the wheelchair.


Download Brochure: Solara 2G



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