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Kinesthetic Seating System

Kinesthetic Seating SystemThe KSS is a fully adjustable system which provides a personalised fit for total comfort and support, and allows for growth.

Each standard system consists of a Curved Back, Ulti-Mate base, basic headrest, fixed lateral support, padded lap belt, and attaching hardware. Optional accessories include an abductor, adductor, shoulder supports, swing away lateral supports, and an angle adjustable growth bracket.

The entire system lifts easily in and out of the wheelchair and all accessories are easily interfaced and adjustable.


  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Deluxe Upgrade package (DLXPKG) includes swing away laterals and an adjustable headrest. A hinge growth bracket is available as an option
  • Drop-hooks and quick-release clamps keep system securely in place, while increasing portability
  • Optional accessories include an abductor, adductor and shoulder supports
  • Personalised fit for total comfort



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