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Flotech Solution Xtra

Flotech Solution XtraCombines excellent pressure – reducing properties with the promotion of active correction and management of posture .
The new Invacare Flo-tech Solution Xtra Cushion and Modular System has been developed along side clinicians to address the individual postural requirements of Wheelchair Users. Through using this modular system, theraputic interventions can be more effectively addressed with regards to postural maintenance of End Users, through enhancing function, maximising comfort and preserving skin integrity.

Designed to promote active correction and management of posture

The modular components are manufactured from high – density CMHR foam, which be deployed to achieve active correction and posture management. The wedges feature witness marks and Velcro fixings, enabling them to be cut to meet the needs of individual users. The application of wedges beneath the cushion combined with the deployment of modular components on the top surface deliver a highly versatile range of options for therapists seeking to achieve specific postural management interventions.

Cushion features Velcro pads to enable easy fitting of the modular parts

Velcro pads have been added to both the top (the Ischial Well, Femoral Shelf and Pommel regions) and also the bottom of the cushion base to incorporate the Xtra additions. All the affixing component parts are manufactured from high-density CMHR foam, and have been fitted with Velcro to ensure that the wedges remain in the prescribed position on the cushion, even during repeated use.

Large dual gel sac covering the entire top surface of the cushion

The contact area between the user and the foam cushion is protected, as the gel re-distributes pressure away from bony prominences . The additional layer of gel is incorporated under the ischial and sacral area to further enhance the pressure reducing qualities of this cushion, making this cushion suitable for Very High Risk users.




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