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Infinity Dualflex

Infinity Dualflex Back


Infinity DualFlex10 is designed to provide outstanding support for users with a wide range of clinical needs. The DualFlex10 (16″ high) is formed by two distinct support panels attached with a biangular hinge, allowing adjustability to accommodate an infinite range of body positions. State-of-the-art Quick Set hardware allows installation and adjustment of the DualFlex10 back in under 10 minutes. Depth, recline, and hinge-angle adjustments can be made to the back while the user is seated. You have a choice of Mild Contour for gentle support, deeper Max Contour for more aggressive midline positioning, or mixed for a combination of both.


  • Depth adjustable hardware allows easy adjustment of depth (2.5in in front of back canes and 1.5in behind the back canes). This hardware also allows a 20 degree angle of recline
  • Infinity DualFlex Back, 16in. The Infinity DualFlex back features a modular design that can accommodate a wide range of body sizes and types, while easily adapting to growth and change with a minimal number of components. These unique backs allow for configuration to the desired postural support level, and depth of contour, while adjusting easily to provide optimal balancing of the body within the wheelchair frame.
  • Pelvic stabilizers and lateral supports are available in mild contour or maximum contour to provide the required degree of midline support and positioning.
  • Pelvic stabilizers and thoracic lateral supports are independently width and angle adjustable to provide a precise fit to the user is body shape. Pelvic stabilizers and lateral supports are available in mild contour or maximum contour.
  • Width adjustable mounting hardware fits three wheelchair widths per model. Small fits 14in-16in wide, Medium fits 17in to 19in wide, and Large fits 20in to 22in wide wheelchairs.


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