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Spree XT Folding Manual Wheelchair (Tilt N Space )

Spree XT Folding Manual Wheelchair



Spree embodies the essence of the child in all of us. We all love to laugh, explore the world and meet new people. The Spree series of wheelchairs can help. They make life easier and will help you enjoy life to the fullest. This is the essence of SPREE!



Features and Benefits:

  • SPREE XT – GET UP AND GO! Notice we didn’t say stay at home. Spree products are made to pack up and go.
    – Explore the world.
    – Lightest-in-class
    – Compact, manoeuvrable footprint
    – Pinchless folding crossbraces
    – Two-way fold-down back canes
  • SPREE XT – GO, GROW and TRO! Two of the most important requirements of a pediatric folding tilt wheelchair from the clinical perspective are the ability to grow the chair with the child and the ability to safely transport the child to and from school. Spree does both.
    – Growable depth frames
    – Growable width crossbraces
    – Growable length, locking cantilever arm option
    – TRO is a no charge option (TRRO pick on the Spree XT order form includes Spree XT, transport brackets, and a wheelchair anchored pelvic belt.)
  • SPREE XT – EASY TO ADJUST AND DURABLE First and foremost, providers want to meet the needs of the client. However, providers are also concerned with ease of adjustability and the durability of the product. The Spree XT is an easy selection.


Download Brochure: Spree XT Folding Manual



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