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Spree GT Fixed Frame Wheelchair

Spree GT Fixed Frame


The new Invacare Spree GT (formerly Solara Jr.) has once again redefined the tilt-in-space manual wheelchair in design and, or course, nothing is built like a Solara. The Spree GT is simply the best paediatric tilt-in-space chair available with its proven durability, ease of use, smart adjustability, and portability. Plus, the Spree GT comes with kid-cool colours and options.


Features and Benefits:

  • Light-up casters come standard on the Spree GT. The flashing colours will mesmerise everyone as the Spree zips down the sidewalk or around the playground.
  • Get closer to peer level with front seat-to-floor heights as low as 14.5″ at zero degrees tilt.
  • The lightweight design and optional fold-down back canes make the Spree GT easier to lift and transport.
  • The Spree GT frame design has a very compact footprint, making it highly manoeuvrable.
  • The simplistic, yet durable design of the Spree GT includes welded side frames and steel gear racks, which provide maximum reliability.
  • New wheel locks adjust from push-to-lock to pull-to-lock in seconds.
  • The Spree GT is ready and easy to grow with the child and is ready for safe transportation*.
  • The seat frame has 4″ of depth adjustability available in two ranges: 12″-16″ and 15″-19″. Adjusting depth is literally a snap with Invacare’s innovative Quick Set™ washers.
  • The seat frame also has 4″ of width adjustability in two ranges: 12″-16″ and 14″-18″, which is made simple with the Spree GT’s unique crossbrace design.
  • Adjustable rigidizing handlebar option can be adjusted for caregiver’s ease of use.
  • The Transport Ready Option (TRO)** is an option on the Spree GT.

*Invacare recommends that wheelchair users NOT be transported in vehicles of any kind while in wheelchairs. As of this date, the Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) has not approved any tie-down systems for transportation of a user while in a wheelchair in a moving vehicle of any type.
**The TRO Transport Ready Option pick on the Spree GT order form includes transport brackets, a wheelchair-anchored pelvic belt and transport locking pins. The Personal Back™10 back cushion, Infinity® seat cushion and seat pan must also be purchased with this option at an additional charge. No seating system is included in the base price of the wheelchair.



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