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ProSPIN X4Ultra Lightweight Performance Wheelchair

The Invacare ProSPIN X4, Ultralight Performance Wheelchair, takes folding chairs to a whole new level. Coupled with an extremely lightweight frame, its innovative design brings the look and feel of folding wheelchairs into the new century.
Plus, the X4 has plenty of integrated design features that help make the X4 a true performance wheelchair. The ProSPIN X4 is 360 degrees of pure eXhilaration!!


Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight – Every detail on the X4 was designed with lightweight in mind, helping make the X4 was of the lightest folding wheelchairs available.
  • Responsive – The ProSPIN X4 is set up to provide maximum responsiveness and performance. The axle plate is very adjustable both for COG and STF to ensure optimal configuration options. Plus, with its energy efficient side frame design and rigidising H-blocks, the X4 helps bridge the gap between folding and rigid wheelchairs.
  • Stylish – Just one look confirms that the X4 has a style all its own. Its unique axle plate and side frame design not only allows for more COG and STF adjustments, but also helps create a flowing side view. From any side, at any angle, the ProSPIN X4 looks incredible.
  • Convenient – The ProSPIN X4 offers several features new to Invacare wheelchairs. The swing-in/swing-out front riggings allow users to transfer into a car or office chair without having to back up to get the footrests out of the way. Our new curved handle wheel locks are reversible, allowing them to adjust from a push-to-lock to a pull-to-lock in seconds. Also, the infinitely adjustable front caster allows for quick and simple caster angle adjustments.


Download Brochure: ProSPIN X4 Wheelchair



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