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Crossfire Titanium Wheelchair

Crossfire Titanium WheelchairThe new Top End Crossfire Titanium is as good as it gets… an ultra-lightweight made- to-measure rigid titanium chair with a clean minimalist open frame design which delivers long-term performance.

Top End High Performance everyday chairs never compromise on weight or performance to add unneeded positioning and adjustability. The Crossfire Titanium was designed from the ground up to be a true performance rigid wheelchair with a built-in ergonomic seat positioning option and “just where you need them” adjustments.


  • Ultra-lightweight open frame design custom built of Grade 9 3-2.5 titanium.
  • Folding or fixed back with adjustable tension upholstery.
  • High performance rear wheels equipped with high-pressure tires, anodized aluminium handrims and quick release axles.
  • Front forks with inset bearings ensure smoother turning and no caps to fall off. Semi-pneumatic front casters.
  • Smart adjustability to keep the total chair weight under 8.6kg -adjustable centre of gravity, footrest height, backrest height and adjustable tension upholstery.

Finally, you have a better choice! Here are the big 5 reasons:

      1. Unbelievably Lightweight: Lighter than the TiLite ZR and as light as the Quickie Titanium when compared side by side to the same configurations.
      2. Minimalist Open Frame Design: This design is popular because it is modern, minimalist, and lightweight by design and has great roll-ability. This design also makes it very easy to put into and out of a car because there is no under frame.
      3. Built for Performance and Simplicity: There are very few nuts and bolts to loosen or go out of adjustment, which translates to optimum performance and less maintenance and repairs. The “just where you need” them adjustments are easy and fast.
      4. Ergonomic Seat Option: Built- in level “sweet spot” that promotes a neutral pelvic position. It delivers improved posture, propulsion and positioning for end-users that have impaired trunk control. These end-uses typically have seat height difference front/rear of between 2″-4″.
      5. Super Value: The Crossfire Titanium is a great value because it has adjustable tension upholstery, high performance wheels and high-pressure tires all as standard.

Ergo Seat Option

Top End Crossfire Titanium is also available with Ergo seat option:

The Ergo Seat is a modification to the frame of an Invacare Top End Crossfire Series that provides 6” of level seating surface while still providing 2”-4” of dump/squeeze positioning.
The benefits of the Ergo Seat over Conventional “dump” or “squeeze” positioning are:

  • Posture
  • Completion of MRADL’s and Propulsion
  • Comfort and Pressure Distribution

For more information, please refer to “Reasons for using Ergo Seat”.
Plus, check out the new Top End end user focused website for heaps of great product features and expert advice on choosing the right wheelchair. Please visit:



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